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5 important reasons to get enough sleep

5 important reasons to get enough sleep

Sleep has a very big impact on both of your physical and mental well-being. By getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night, it will promote a strong body and mind.

5 important reasons to get enough sleep

Improve immune system

When you sleep, the body is at work to improve your immune system. Without a healthy immune system, you are more likely to catch colds, flu, and other infections and diseases. And then it will take you a longer time to recover.

Increase mood, memory, and concentration

You will be more productive because your concentration and good memory increase after a well rested night. When you experience irritable and cranky in the morning, you cannot think straight which make it difficult for you to make positive decisions.

Decrease mental disorder
With a proper sleeping habit, you have a very low change of develop depression, one of the most deadly diseases in America. When you wake up in the middle of the night multiple times, you are not getting a consistency of sleep which you need to stay healthy. As a result, your frustration and confusion increase which could also lead to hallucinations. Getting enough sleep also reduce stress, as it mentioned in the article “7 simple ways to reduce stress.”

Decrease physical pain

Physical pains such as back and joint are associated with lack of sleep. Whenever you decide to take a pain medication, ask yourself if you get enough sleep the night before. You should not take pain medications when the cure is not from pills but from healthy sleep.

Eliminating toxins
The liver clears out alcohol and drugs from the bloodstream. The kidneys are able to remove natural waste from the body. The colon is getting rid of undigested waste. Lastly, the lymph system removes toxins from all the cells in the body. Not getting enough sleep, the body slow down the process of eliminating toxins which you have to deal with after you wake up.

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