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Shula's Athletic Club is located in beautiful Miami Lakes, Florida and has been one of South Florida's premier fitness and wellness centers since 1982. Our staff is dedicated to improving the “quality of life” of our members and the community of Miami Lakes. This is achieved every day by providing our members with a warm and welcoming environment, extensive programming, a team of caring professionals, and the best fitness equipment and sports facilities available.

Fat Loss Question #2

Thanks to Precision Nutrition we are able to supply you with the latest facts; for today's blog post.

Q2. Are you eating enough protein?

Your protein intake determines whether you're going to lose body fat or lean muscle. (Obviously, we want to lose the first and keep the latter.) So, for this next meal, is there enough lean protein included? Men should eat about 2 Palm-sized portions and women should eat about 1 palm-sized portion.

You can choose from sources including; lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, lean game meats), lean vegetarian sources (tofu, tempeh, legumes), or powered protein supplements. Whichever type you choose, make sure you're eating more protein than what you might normally eat.

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