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3 Ways Your Slow Cooker Can Help You With Your Resolutions

Thanks to Kerri-Ann Jennings M.S., R.D., Associate Nutrition Editor for Eating Well Magazine
 we are able to supply you with the latest facts; for today's blog post.

Find out how your slow cooker can help you be healthier, lose weight and save money.

I will lose weight, save money and be healthier in the new year. Sound familiar? If you're committed to even one of these goals, I have a tip for how to get started…use your slow cooker. Sound wacky? Find out how this one handy piece of kitchen equipment can help you meet your health and diet goals.

Resolution 1: Lose Weight

How the slow cooker can help: Cooking at home is a great first step in trying to get your diet under control. Since slow–cooked food relies on long, moisture-rich cooking, you can use less oil than if you were cooking with dry heat in the oven or on the stove. Using your slow cooker to make dinner means that dinner is ready when you get in the door—no more hungrily snacking on other food while preparing dinner.

Resolution 2: Cook More Healthy Meals

How the slow cooker can help: Using a slow cooker can save you major time preparing meals. By prepping ingredients and putting them in the pot before you leave for work in the morning, you know that when you come home dinner will be waiting. Bonus: Use the extra time you save and hit the gym after work.

Resolution 3: Save Money

How the slow cooker can help: Crock pots lend themselves to stews and other one-pot meals that let you stretch more expensive ingredients, like meat, further. You can save $6.45 per month ($78 a year) if you replace 1 pound of boneless, skinless chicken breast [$4.99] with 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken thighs [$3.49] once a week for 30 days. Bonus: chances are a slow-cooked meal will yield leftovers. Bring leftovers for lunch the next day and you’ll save on lunch money, too!

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