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Shula's Athletic Club is located in beautiful Miami Lakes, Florida and has been one of South Florida's premier fitness and wellness centers since 1982. Our staff is dedicated to improving the “quality of life” of our members and the community of Miami Lakes. This is achieved every day by providing our members with a warm and welcoming environment, extensive programming, a team of caring professionals, and the best fitness equipment and sports facilities available.

Do you "feed this fire"?

Despite all the scientific date and proven evidence based programs conducted by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) along with other reputable Fitness Certification Agencies, I still see and hear “I want to do Cardio first to lose weight and then start resistance training” This is the biggest misconception that still permeates through fitness clubs, unfortunately the diet industry, gimmicky fast weight loss programs, the strong aerobic programs at the most fitness clubs still “feeds this fire”.

Bottom line, when performing any sporting activity or cardiovascular type exercise, ask yourself what is actually doing the work – answer – muscles and bones are the ones doing the work and burning calories, therefore if you have more lean muscle tissue and stronger bones, ligaments, tendons, other soft tissues you increase the ability to burn more calories, you can also work harder for less time – and burn more overall calories in less time – that equals more fat used during and particularly after the exercise is completed = better results and faster results.

Nutrition is also important in that it requires enough calories from healthy food to 1 – Support your daily living metabolism 2-provide energy to perform daily tasks 3-provide energy to perform the exercise work and 4-provide energy to repair tissues and build muscle, bone, soft tissues etc.

Consequently consistent results are dependent on the synergistic combination of all the relevant components. To schedule a comprehensive assessment and the development of a goal oriented program contact Wendy Hammond or Ricky Ali at 305.820.8006.

                                                                                                      Article written by:
                                                                                         Rickie Ali

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